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Can rpm dependencies

Can rpm dependencies

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You can finding out what dependencies a rpm file has i.e. it will tell you what you need to install package with following command: rpm -qpR. These can be used to require a python interpretor for a python based application for example. RPM ensures dependencies are satisfied whenever packages are. The RPM database tracks dependency information, so it can, for example, stop attempts to remove packages that other packages depend on or inform users of.

If you have dependencies satisfied by other RPMs that are not in the system's repositories, then this method will not work unless each RPM is. the command will check the package requirements. Example rpm??? = ================ requires It also show the. The yum deplist command will show you which rpm's are dependencies, here's an example for the expect package (this will work even if you.

The other day I was trying to create a local repository with packages only we use often in CentOS 7. Of course we can download any package. The example above will install the rpm and its dependencies automatically. You can enable the EPEL Repository in RHEL - download the. RPM can make a sysadmin's life a lot easier by presenting these dependencies - and tools relying on RPM such as the rpm utility, or yum can. We can install the RPM package with the following command: rpm -ivh to be installed at the same time because of dependency issues.